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Top Eight Pool Design Trends for 2018

Like an infinity pool with no end in sight, so goes the styles that set the pace for pool design in 2017 and pool trends in 2018.

High-end, resort-style pools are at one end of the scale. Like cities unto themselves, they create an oasis of tranquility. But any backyard pool can achieve that semblance of refinement with a few carefully chosen colors and finishes. Even pool depth makes an architectural and functional statement that can exclusively define any new pool installation.

Imagination and a collaborative spirit with your pool contractor will combine for limitless days of summer.

1. Create with Color

In home décor, paint has long been considered the medium to transform a room. Blues and greens tend to be recommended for the comforting quality they evoke. And that trend now extends to the colors beyond the bedroom window.

For pools, more intense or darker colors are being used, not just for the drama, but for their relaxation value. Pool interiors coated in azures and cobalt blues lend themselves to a lagoon-like effect: deep, dark, and soothing. Even if used for highlight surfaces or on accent pieces, the benefit of these colors makes the space feel welcoming, yet a little more luxurious for the vivid stage they set.

Despite the contemporary trends of edgeless finishes and infinity edges, swim up bars and tanning ledges are as popular as ever. Ledges offer incredible versatility as they can be used for children to play on or as a wonderfully warm surface to sun.

2. Tile Mosaics

As you would design a kitchen to be distinctive with a unique tiled back splash to offset cabinetry and countertops, so reigns the pool’s interior finish with polished materials like glass tiles – and even more earthy textures like pebbles and stones.

Not only do the deck’s pavers and walkways offer opportunity for expression, they can be designed to complement the pool’s surface.

Newer applications make the mosaic installation less labor intensive, and therefore more affordable. You can say it with tile – and even take it a step further by customizing a centerpiece medallion at pool bottom for dramatic effect.

Today’s pool designs are expressions of style – oftentimes works of art made even more beautiful because there’s a body of water to highlight the finishes and to serve as a reflective surface that shimmers on surrounding structures like firepits, torches, and furniture.

3. Pool Depth

Traditionally, pools were designed to slope at the bottom so a shallow end progressed to a deeper end. With people using their pools for more than swimming, a trend to consider is making the depth consistent from end to end. Depending on the depth, that may take a diving board out of the equation, but the advantages of this depth consistency might just surpass the desire for a board. With one set depth, you know that just about anyone’s feet can touch bottom and perhaps you will feel more secure that your children or their friends are not wandering into the deep end.

Because swimming pools are the perfect venue for exercise (as swimming engages your entire body and the buoyancy of the water takes the stress off joints) a single depth pool (also known as a sports pool) makes doing continuous laps easier.

What else is great about a sports pool? Playing basketball and volleyball! Both teams can now be a bit more evenly matched as the playing field just got a little bigger.

4. Hydrotherapy

The health benefits of swimming and water therapy are well known. What’s great about today’s pools and hydrotherapy jets is that they can now combine for the best of both worlds. Jetted water is usually found in smaller spas typically installed next to the main pool. Today, the trend is to install hydrotherapy jets in the pool itself (even post-installation!) to convert the entire pool area into a spa. For those with limited mobility, it is even another advantage. They can enjoy exercising in the pool and then swim over and relax with a calming hydrotherapy session.

5. Saltwater Pools

While not the newest trend, it is still a popular one. The misnomer is that saltwater pools are chlorine-free, but it is instead a regenerative process via a saltwater purification system that creates the chlorine to maintain the health and safety of the water. The chlorine generator uses salt to produce a chlorine gas that dissolves into the water. However, because it is automatically produced, there is no need to pour the typical additives in, or worry about their storage.

6. “Exterior” Decorator

Rearranging your family room furniture or adding some new area rugs give specific areas new looks. Whether you are adding a new pool or want to give your existing one a facelift, there is no shortage of outdoor furnishings.

Like any home improvement, your budget has the final say. An outdoor kitchen, tiki hut complete with wet bar, and a built-in fireplace add nuance, but you don’t need thousands and thousands of dollars to create ambiance. Depending on your taste, a tropical paddle fan and an assortment of wicker furniture, adirondack chairs and throw pillows for splashes of color could provide the ideal attitude for your outdoor space. A woven rug that can be hosed off to keep it looking fresh and new will tie it all together.

7. Smart Pools

With each passing day, it becomes more apparent. How were we ever able to manage our lives and our schedules without benefit of a smartphone? Between the countless apps and the sheer convenience of a location-less life, everything from engaging home alarm systems to programming your DVR is a swipe away.

Fortunately, automation has not overlooked the swimming pool industry. There’s no reason to get up off the chaise lounge to manage your pool’s controls. Whether engaging the cleaning system, activating the pool’s cover, or adjusting the temperature – phones and tablets are your dashboard. Look for even more options in the coming year, but for now…stay put and let your WIFI do the work.

8. Light Up the Night

Landscape lighting on shrubbery, and for a subtle glow cast on walkways, LED lighting is typically an affordable solution with thousands of applications. If you are looking to dress up an existing pool installation, pool LED lighting is an excellent place to begin. You can extend that glimmer from poolside and back to the deck, to integrate the adjacent areas and enjoy parties and dining into the evening. Outdoor lighting lends a natural festivity to any yard and suits every season.

Pool Design Trends

Many of these updates are more than just trends. They’ve become improvements that pool owners come to expect as the new standards in swimming pool design. Lighting, tiles, color, technology – the selections just get better and better. The opportunity to create a backyard pool design like none other, is as satisfying as a day in the sun.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.