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Tips for Building Your Backyard Oasis

As experts in pool financing solutions, we can’t imagine life without a sparkling pool!

Since 1979, we have been fortunate to provide individuals and families with the financing options to enjoy the comfort and flexibility of their own backyard vacation.

The addition of this multi-faceted amenity makes a wonderful difference:

  • Ability to reap the exercise benefits
  • Increases your home’s value
  • Creates the perfect party place!
  • Offers family time uninterrupted by technology

The other special thing about a pool is that it grows with you. As your children get older and want to hang out with their friends, they’ll probably want to come to your house and hang at the pool. You’ll therefore have the distinct advantage of getting to know your children’s friends! Not to mention a wonderful incentive for your future grandkids to visit. Pools help keep families together.

If you’ve decided on installing a backyard pool, we of course do everything to make the financing piece easy. You may initially feel a bit overwhelmed by design choices, but just take it step by step. You can let your creativity run wild as there are millions of shapes, styles, and unique perimeter ambiance from which to select.

Yet with a pool installation, as with any other home improvement project, you need to look first at your goals and potential limitations:

  1. How long are you going to live in your home? If the answer is five years – that doesn’t mean you need to deny yourself the pool you’ve always wanted; it just means you should perhaps dial down on the customization a bit. You may want to forgo the pool floor’s tile mosaic with your monogram in favor of something more generic.
  2. What are you using the pool for? Do you have a future Olympian in the family who should benefit from particular features to perfect their abilities? Is this purely an investment to increase your home’s value? Are you making an architectural statement to add drama to an area of your home that is otherwise a bit lackluster?
  3. Logistics Are you confined size-wise by property easements or rules and regulations enforced by your homeowners’ association or the county in which you reside?
  4. What is your pool budget? Even Eden’s residents paid a price! The same caveat that goes with buying a home beyond your means applies to its amenities. You don’t want to look out your window and regret anything. We of course are here to make certain you are buying within your comfort zone, but perhaps you should take your time deciding about adding a high-end tiki bar and that outdoor kitchen if the time is not financially right.
  5. What are the recurring costs? Take the time to understand the energy efficiencies of the pool type and the costs of its ongoing maintenance. Is the pool one you can care for yourself? Whether it’s a saltwater pool or a traditional one, what will you need every month to keep it in top condition? What will the impact be to your electric bill?

Knowing the specifics of how you want to use your pool will allow you to work with pool designers and contractors to give you exactly what you want. Here at Lyon, that’s what we’re all about!