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Top Reasons to Build a Pool This Fall

Tan lines, cold drinks, floaties – summer is the only time of year most people consider swimming in, let alone building, a pool. The fall season is usually represented by falling leaves, long sleeves, and the closing and covering of a pool owner’s backyard paradise. But for those of you longing to build a pool and swim by next summer, fall is actually becoming the best season for construction. Here are our top reasons as to why.

  • Most pool contractors consider fall the off-season, so they have more time to focus on your pool and all the details. Summer is the height of pool season, and many builders are booked months in advance with multiple projects at one time. The slower season allows more attention to your pool specifically, rather than a multitude of projects at once.
  • You have more time to plan and budget for additional backyard additions, such as a deck or landscaping.
  • You may be able to get a better deal on a pool in the fall. Many builders have leftover or aging inventory after the summer rush, and they may be able to discount prices to move that inventory.
  • If you start building in the spring, you aren’t guaranteed to be swimming by Memorial Day. There are spring showers or other delays that could pop up. Starting construction in the fall will allow more time to ensure construction moves along well and without any major time consuming hiccups, and almost guarantees you will be swimming by the time warmer weather rolls around.