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What Kind of Pool is Right for You?

Decisions, decisions. You may at first feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options which contemporary pool designs offer, but just breathe deeply. You’ve taken your first and best step to deciding that you want to increase the value of your home and create your own oasis of relaxation and entertainment. The rest you just take step by step.

Before you proceed through the process, take some time to look at sites like Pinterest to get an idea of what design types speak to you. Again, don’t let these visuals overwhelm – they are just the foundation for your list of questions so you are prepared for your pool design consultation.

There are basically three types of in-ground swimming pools: classic, geometric, and freeform. As their names imply, they provide a distinctly different style foundation to serve as the palette for the finished design.

These shapes have a lot to do with the natural space in your backyard:

  • Is the area on the smaller side? Then a geometric shape will help conform best to the space and get the most pool area possible.
  • Are you looking to frame your pool with extravagant landscaping and lounging areas and don’t wish the pool to take center stage? Then you may want to go classic.
  • Do you want your pool to stand out and outshine the surrounding terrain? Then you may wish to amp up the design with a unique freeform.
    Linings. Do you go with gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl?
  • A saltwater pool perhaps?
  • Are you interested in accessories like slides and diving boards?
  • Solar heated?
  • What kind of vegetation should frame your pool? Would you prefer low maintenance shrubbery?

As exciting as your new pool installation is, you want to take into consideration that it is a permanent structure. So really spend some time contemplating your backyard’s space. If it is not particularly spacious, you may want to leave some sections of your backyard to be allocated for future updates:

  • Were you thinking of planting a vegetable garden?
  • Did you want to eventually construct a cabana?
  • Will you need a playhouse for the kids or a shed to store a new riding mower?
  • Is it time for a tiki bar?
  • Are there two trees that could use a hammock?

Along with your pool installation is the space allocation for the pool’s equipment! The pumps, the heater, the attached or detached hot tubs will also clamor for their spot.

This is a wonderful opportunity to extend your living space to the great outdoors, and one of the most fun home renovation projects you will ever embark upon. Truly a gift for the whole family. They can also help teach your children the responsibilities of pool maintenance and safety. Enjoy the planning process! It is really almost as fun as splashing around on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Almost.