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Luxury Pool Decking

If you gave ten interior designers a room to decorate in contemporary decor, you’d get ten different takes on what they believe makes a room functional and fashionable. It’s the same with backyard pools (and snowflakes!). No two are alike. Even if every pool in your neighborhood were rectangularly shaped, they would each boast a [...]



Backyard Birdwatching 101

Known as “birding” The National Audubon Society states there are 47 million birders in the United States alone.  There are also as many tips online of how to bird. These winged creatures are fascinating. The next time you’re at a traffic light, look up to the electrical wires and watch how they land with military [...]


Christmas in the Tropics

Celebrating Christmas in the Tropics

Most holiday cards (and even movies!) depict snow-sprinkled landscapes and horse drawn sleighs. Sometimes it’s cozily clad merrymakers ice skating to Christmas carols. These traditional scenes certainly make it “feel like Christmas” full of fa-la-la-la-las. Now cut to the seasonal revelers in places like Florida and California. Although there’s not a snowflake in sight, that [...]


pollinator garden

How to Build a Pollinator Garden

As a society, we’ve become increasingly conscious of ways to preserve and protect our environment. We’ve learned to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We make sustainable choices in our flooring and our pool decking using materials like cork, bamboo, and concrete. We plant trees and contribute to compost piles. We try to conserve water and use [...]