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Keep it Clean!: Tips & Tricks for DIY Pool Maintenance

We love pools. There is no better way to say it. We love the way they sparkle in the sunlight and the way they welcome us into the weekend. We love planning the simple BBQ and those rustic, yet elegant poolside celebrations – from weddings to graduation parties. Whether you welcome friends and neighbors to [...]


Maintenance Tips for Your New Pool: Annual Tasks

Because of their importance and the regularity with which you’ll be performing daily and weekly pool maintenance routines, you’re pretty unlikely to neglect them. To a lesser degree, ditto with the monthly ones. However, it can be easy to completely forget about the recommended annual pool maintenance tasks. Don’t worry: we have your back. Make [...]


Maintenance Tips for Your New Pool: Monthly & Occasional Tasks

Your new in-ground swimming pool will be able to bring you and your family and friends plenty of healthy, fun-filled memories for decades to come — but only if you make certain to continually maintain it properly. In addition to daily and weekly maintenance routines, you should also keep some other maintenance tasks on your [...]


Maintenance Tips for Your New Pool: Daily & Weekly Routines

As you plan for your exciting new addition of an in-ground swimming pool, you’ll want to plan for more than the financial aspect of your home’s newest feature: you’ll also want to prepare for the necessary maintenance tasks related to owning a pool. While this list may seem a bit overwhelming at first, you’ll be [...]


Pool Opening Tips for Spring

Pool Opening Tips for Spring: It’s That Time of Year Again!

If you already own a backyard pool, you can look out your window and envision the brand-new pool season shining on the spring horizon. Your staycation dates are set. The days will soon be warmer and will even last longer. It’s just you and a refreshing beverage in your flotation device, lazily drifting along. In [...]