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tired dog reclining by the pool

Pool Safety for Pets

Safety is often at the forefront of pool owners’ minds as far as humans are concerned, but what their about pets? An estimated 5,000 family pets drown in backyard swimming pools annually. With awareness and a little prevention, such tragedies can easily be thwarted. Swimming Lessons It may seem simple, but make sure your dog [...]


Maintenance Tips for Your New Pool: Annual Tasks

Because of their importance and the regularity with which you’ll be performing daily and weekly pool maintenance routines, you’re pretty unlikely to neglect them. To a lesser degree, ditto with the monthly ones. However, it can be easy to completely forget about the recommended annual pool maintenance tasks. Don’t worry: we have your back. Make [...]


Secret Pools

The Beauty Behind Secret Pools

For over 40 years, we have watched the extraordinary journey of the backyard pool. What was once a simple rectangle that was too expensive a venture for many families has now transformed into a multi-dimension attraction of all shapes and sizes offering custom and prefab options at more affordable pricing. Before we dive into this [...]


Pool Safety

The ABCs of Pool Safety

We love our pools. They’re the perfect source of family time and offer a venue for those refreshing full body workouts! To wholly enjoy every aspect of a backyard pool, it’s essential for families to put just as much consideration and planning into safety as we do to aesthetics. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue [...]