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San Antonio Tricentennial

The San Antonio Tricentennial: 300 Years Old & Only Getting Better!

The United States is full of extraordinary places to live. Metropolises that rival any in the world, and small towns with even smaller populations where people have lived and raised their families for generations. And there are ones in full celebration mode commemorating a historic milestone, including San Antonio, Texas! According to In 2018, [...]


Pool Opening Tips for Spring

Pool Opening Tips for Spring: It’s That Time of Year Again!

If you already own a backyard pool, you can look out your window and envision the brand-new pool season shining on the spring horizon. Your staycation dates are set. The days will soon be warmer and will even last longer. It’s just you and a refreshing beverage in your flotation device, lazily drifting along. In [...]


Las Vegas Pools

Las Vegas Pools to Make You Say, “Viva Las Vegas!”

Las Vegas is the destination for professional and amateur gamblers, conventions of all kinds, high production value stage shows, as well as fine dining and spa-like settings. As pool financing experts in Vegas, we are particularly enthralled with the extraordinary construction and design aesthetics of this locale’s resort-style pools. With an ambiance all their own, [...]


Houston Pools

Houston Pools: Don’t Mess With Texas (or Their Pools)!

Even if you’ve never been to Houston, the pride in their hometown goes deep into the heart of the Lone Star State. A big, beautiful territory with shining cities offset by expansive ranches, we’ve loved our opportunities to work with clients and their new pool installations in Texas. As pool financing experts, we get to [...]


Orlando pools

Orlando Pools: How Your Florida Pool Can Be the Happiest Place on Earth

When you live in Orlando, a town known for tourism, you sometimes want to leave the attractions for the tourists and avoid certain thoroughfares at all costs. If you’re a local, you know what we’re talking about: nothing but tail lights for miles and miles! According to an article by US News & World Report, [...]


smart pools

Smart Pools and Our Even Smarter Pool Financing

While Lyon Financial’s expertise is in providing exceptional customer service and the information you need to make an informed decision about pool financing companies, we also love the technology currently available in smart pools. Today, our mobile devices are dashboards. We can engage our home alarm system, turn the lights on, and set a recording [...]


20-Year Pool Loans

Announcing Signature Pool Loans with 20-Year Terms!

Pools come in all shapes and sizes. No longer a simple rectangular structure filled with water, today’s backyard pools and spas have become destinations reflecting the style and needs of the family. Our loan programs also mirror our clients’ diverse wants and needs, with a program for just about every customer. Our new 20-year signature loan [...]


Outdoor Living Financing

Top Ten Pool Financing Options to Heat Up the Coldest Winter

As the holiday decorations are stowed, we start looking beyond our home’s windows to its outdoor space. This has been a cold weather season of extremes for certain, where a four-hour plane from Fargo, North Dakota to Miami, Florida saw a 100° difference in temperature. This is the time of year when thoughts turn to [...]